Why these strange devices?

We have reached a point in the tech tree where traditional mono-hull boats, ships, and yachts can be replaced by watercraft that almost sits on the water, instead of in it.

Round bottom boats were traditionally a terrible idea due to their instability. But if that issue were able to be mitigated then the craft can suddenly benefit from the advatages of spherical structures.

Low wind load. No broad side for rogue waves to broadside. Can't be capsized unless it is beached. Massive floor and vertical space. Energy and material use effeciency.

On the first model, a 20 meter (~65 foot) diameter sphere, you will have so much space you could pack it with a gym, VR game room for multiple people, full size bedrooms, 10 meter pool, shop, or whatever it is that fits your needs.

Using vertical gardening you can have the equivelant of hundreds of square feet (dozens of square meters) of growing space and only take up one side of a sub-floor. You could still put a laundry room, spa, and coffee parlor on that floor. Or whatever it is you are into!

Eventually these spheres will be the foundational vessals of the seasteading people who dodge the collapse. Being mobile, on the open ocean, and self sufficient is the Ace in the Hole of the survivors who will rebuild, nay, create a new better civilization.

None of that can be done with current yachts or super yachts. They are stone age technology with gold toilets. Bezos's yacht is so laughable it needs another yacht trailing behind it for support. When civilization crumbles his yacht is going to be worthless except as an island in some harbor. He won't be able to move it after the first few months, and eventually it will be a massive liability because it constantly needs resupply.

For 1/40th of the price you can have a yacht that is infinitely more valuable.

Don't be a Bezos. Get the vehicle that will change the future of humanity on the oceans, and help start the seasteading revolution. Be the visionary that helps kick off the Age of Aquarius.