Or; How I learned to relax and start a new Civ

So you made a hundred million dollars by hodling like a mofo. I was there, I didnt hodl, I was dumb, I traded and made dumb gambles that didn't pay off. In that way we are different.

But we are alike in another way. We can see the ultra wide, Civ level view of the state of the world and realize that it won't be long now.

We watch economic briefings for the military, understand the climate trajectory, watch farmers and industry pissing poison all over, breath the summer forest fire smoke for the Nth year in a row, see the water shortages that are about to become complete lack, shake our head in wonder that oceanfront cities aren't building fortifications.

We look at the whole picture and realize that it only takes one of these things to fail and the whole system fails. Or it could be one of another hundred weak points. And once one city goes down, it will bring down the neighbors. Once 10 cities fall, they will bring down their country. Once 10 countries fall, they will bring down their continent.

We look at what has happened, shake your head at the children who pull the strings of the children who are supposedly "leading" humanity. We look at how they are trashing our life support system, corrupted the internet, wasted our resources, and still have no more of a plan than an actual five year old could come up with.

If this is the best we can do we have no other option than collapse. It's obvious. Simple math.

We both know if this was a game of Civ we'd have restarted long ago. The game was lost some time ago.

Perhaps you've already worked through the stages of grief, or perhaps you're desperately  trying.

Yes, you could go hide in a bunker, or you could try to be a warlord, or have a garden in the country and hope the starving hordes are nice to you, or just sit in the city and wait for the end.

Or you could do the one thing that might just work. Get out to the ocean in a mobile mansion, a floating garden, a hope for the future. Kickstart production and maybe a whole village can make it out, or a town, or if this goes fast enough, a small nation.

We are at the start of a new Age, the Age of Aquarius. It is pretty damn obvious that the Age of Pisces is about to end with a splat. So lets get in the lifeboat and try to do a better job this time.

There is still a little time left. Maybe, if we kick this off soon enough, we can bring enough people with us to maintain the viability of the species. But it needs to start now, this month, today.

If you've got a plan, looking honestly at the future does't have to be Doomsaying. There is a plan. It's a pretty bright way of life, a lot happier than what most people are experiencing right now. And it's only a small step away. Buy the NFT and lets kick off the new Civilization.