Why an NFT?

It's a quick way to get this party started. The funds are (almost) instantly available. I don't have to go through the rigamarol of trying to find an "Angel" investor.

(Are they really angels? Or is that just clever propaganda? They seem like Sharks to me.)

Plus, the hodler of the NFT gets an asset that could wind up being worth more than the initital investment.

As the factory goes online and people see the immensity of the final product, perhaps the value of the NFT is suddenly worth more than the original price. Someone that didn't want to take the initial gamble may suddenly want to have the first sphere.

I also wanted to see NFT's used for something bigĀ  and tangable.

Finally, I wanted to sell the end product, not a chunk of the organization. If this is going to be the birth of seasteading and the future home of the next level of Civilization, we do NOT want to tie it down with legacy systems from the 1600's.

Plus you can resell it. Go ahead, make us some extra sauce.